Looking for English or Romanian voiceover?

Smart, Authentic, Conversational Female Voice

for corporate videos, event videos, instructional videos, infographic videos, animation, PowerPoint training, e-learning and commercials

Here’s what I can help you with:

* If you reach a global audience, then you could use my neutral, international, non-distinctive accent. What some call global English.

* English with Eastern-European accent

* native, authentic, beautiful Romanian voice 

* Does your script include words in French, Italian, German or Spanish? No problem, I can easily pronounce them.


If your future audio or video projects require a Romanian voice actor or a neutral English voice over artist, drop me a line. You’ll see I am easy to work with, I take into consideration all your artistic directions and you will get your audio files fast. High quality wav or mp3.


You can reach me at voiceovercristina@gmail.com. 


I would love to hear about your project, English or Romanian!